Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tree Trend: Upside Down

Have you heard about this latest trend for your Christmas trees?!  Upside down!  My blog readin' coworker sent me an email about this today.  After a little research, I realized it wasn't just a cooky person or two - it is actually a trend.  But, get this: the upside down version was actually the original version of the Christmas tree!

According to Timberland and Textiles, when the tradition of a tree was first established, people wanted it to be obvious that the tree was not some trivial floral home décor idea. To make it obvious that the tree held meaning, it had to be a hanging upside down Christmas tree.
Apparently, nearly any tree shop will sell upside down artificial Christmas trees. White upside down Christmas trees, green ones, plastic ones, or real ones!  Who knew?  Do you think you could ever have one in your house?  My coworker did bring up a good point - more room for presents underneath! 


  1. Um no, just no. This is just unacceptable and that first tree looks like it is wearing elf shoes.


  2. Couldn't do it! I love a traditional tree!


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