Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Laundry Room Love

Isn't it sad that these laundry rooms are nicer than every room in my house?  I could be extremely happy (not to mention obsessively organized) in any one of these beautiful spaces...

Because one washer and dryer couldn't possibly be enough.  I do love putting the detergent in apothecary jars trend though. Makes a boring task like laundry seem a little more elegant.

image via Active Rain

Sewing/laundry room.  A natural combo.

image via Digs Digs

Maybe you'll forget you are doing laundry if you can watch tv while you are at it.

image via Digs Digs

This room looks as cozy as a den with the curtains, warm wood cabinets and that comfy chair.  Who needs a living with when you have a laundry room like this?

image via Flickr

Big fan of those black and white baskets.  Think of all of the junk they can hide!

image via Brabourne Farm

I don't know if they renovated a basement space to do this one or what but this sucker is HUGE and beautiful.

image via Idea Book

Nothing steps a laundry room up a notch like special light fixtures.  Consider a chandelier for a beautiful space as well.

image via Idea Book

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