Sunday, December 12, 2010

My luck is turning around!

I probably shouldn't say this because I'll just jinx it but I am so excited so I'll share this with you anyway!  I never, and I mean never, win anything.  That honor has been reserved for my brother my whole life.  He got all the luck.  He wins Bingo on cruise ships (can you tell I'm still holding on to that one?), lottery tickets, anything you can think of.  But not today, little bro.

I entered a giveaway on Emily A. Clark's blog earlier this week and I won!!  Emily is a designer based out of Charlotte, NC and she has a great blog that you should check out if you don't already. 

The prize I won is from Catherine who recently announced the grand opening of her Etsy shop, Print! by Design Editor.   I won her 25 Days of Christmas printable scrapbook album. 

Guess I better get my scrapping back on.  Thanks Emily and Catherine! 

Can I just also say that this is one of the things I love about blog land.  Before I started blogging almost one year ago I didn't know about the endless sources of inspiration (and free giveaways!) from all of these wonderful people.  Granted, blogging and reading blogs has turned into a bit of an obsession from me but I guess there are worse things I could be doing.  :)

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