Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How many Swedish Kronas are there to a US dollar?

That is the question of the day.  Why you ask?  Because of this:

Svenskt Tenn is a Swedish shop that has awesome textiles.  Just look at those prints!  I love that they are mostly nature inspired, whimsical and have really bold colors.  What great patterns for accent pillows for a den.  What about in a children's room?  What about making it into a shower curtain in a bathroom?!  My mind is spinning with ideas. 

So the only question that remains is how many Swedish Kronas are there to a US dollar so I know if I can afford it! 

Look at some of their other options:

Monday, June 27, 2011

Middleburg, Virginia

On Saturday we went to Middleburg, VA for a day trip.  I had heard rumors that there were more cute shops there than in Leesburg but I'll be honest, I prefer Leesburg.  But that is not to say that Middleburg wasn't beautiful.  Rolling country side with old stone fences line the road; this is some serious horse country.

The highlight of my day there was visiting the little town butcher shop.  I felt like I was back in Italy for a minute.

Fresh meat...

Fresh herbs...

Old timey soda fountain...

Bacon covered doughnuts...(yes, you read that correctly - I am only sorry the picture didn't turn out better!)

A lovely day all in all!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A new addiction.

Well, as per usual, new to me.  This has been around for a while but my friend Taylor finally convinced me to give it a try.

Do you use pinterest?  It'll change the way you use the internet.  It'll change your life.  Okay, maybe not change your life but it will definitely suck up any remaining free time you used to have.  Try it only if you are a) not succeptible to addiction or b) you have an immense amount of spare time lying around.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Success on the Framing Project!

Remember this post about decorating with empty frames?

Well, Lauren and I did a little shopping and found her some frames.  She has a few more to purchase but I think her wall looks awesome.  Just look at the transformation:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Everywhere I look...

...I see Turkish Towels.  And I want some.  I first started paying attention to them after this episode of Dear Geneieve where she redid these people's masterbath into a total turkish bath.  I gotta admit...I didn't get the vision at all.  Until the end and it was amazing.  Of course, I can't find a single picture of it to show you.

Anyway, she had these hooks along a wall with turkish towels hanging from them.  They are supposedly incredibly soft.  But I just love the look of them.  This week Joss and Main had a sale on these beauties from Molori:

Shameless plug: If you aren't already a Joss and Main member, sign up via my invite here.  It is like One King's Lane but lately I've been liking this better!

Here are some more images of Turkish towels to get you inspired:

Are you liking them too?!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Welcome to Miami.

I'll be here for the next few days for a work conference. 

I know, looks terrible, doesn't it? 

In other beachy-type news, I've found a new addition for my [ahem, pretend] beach house.  This is the koi bathmat I want in one of the rooms.  It's from [where else?] Anthro.  (Sorry the picture is kind of hard to see - trust me, it is awesome.)

And lastly, this was the highlight of my day today:

A new t-shirt my Dad sent me.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A New Twist on an Old Tradition

In Mt. Airy at my grandmother's house everyone had their own silver engraved napkin ring with their first name. It is such a fond memory that I will always have with me and a tradition I'd love to carry on with my family. I've been thinking a lot about my grandmother since I lost her recently and I saw these personalizable (don't think that's a word but you get my drift) placemats the other day and thought what a neat twist that would be on my grandmother's tradition. And...they're just plain cute.

All placemats can be found on Mattie Luxe's site.
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