Friday, December 3, 2010

John A. Cullen Photography

My friend Sarah's dad is a really talented photographer.  I met him at my friend Cecelia's wedding where he took this picture of Sarah and I:

(I swear I DO have a strapless dress on...)

Anyway, he's recently gotten onto Facebook and it reminded me to share some of his work with you.  You can also check him out on his website.

Not only do I like his work but he happens to be a big fan of my alma mater and many of his pieces are taken from around the Chapel Hill campus.  These would make great gifts for any Tarhell but especially as a graduation gift. 

Look what he does with a black and white print by adding in a touch of Carolina blue:

But he's also got some other great non-UNC related stuff (although, frankly, what could be better than UNC stuff??)  Check out some of his travel pics:

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