Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Ornament 2010

Since we've been together, my husband and I have continued a tradition that my mom started with my brother and I when we were younger.  Every year my Mom used to give my brother and I a Christmas ornament (usually it was one that she needlepointed).  This was a favorite tradition of mine for a couple of reasons: we got to open a Christmas present before Christmas and it was to help us build up our Christmas ornament supply for when we grew up and moved out on our own.  I love putting all of my ornaments up on the tree from all the years growing up and thinking of my mom giving them to me.  It is definitely a tradition that I want to continue hopefully with my children.

So, to honor that tradition, my husband and I also exchange Christmas ornaments.  And I have to say, with the exception of last year, he has done great at finding really unique and meaningful ornaments.  They typically have a theme - first year we were together, year we got married, etc.  He fell down on the job last year which was our first Christmas as a married couple - he gave me a massively huge Christmas ornament that looked like a wedding dress.  It takes up nearly half the tree.  He thinks it is hilarious; I strategically try to position it to the back of the tree.

This year was a vast improvement.  We exchanged ornaments tonight.  In honor of my love of decorating and starting this blog, he gave me a beautiful glass chandelier ornament.  I love it!  It shimmers in the Christmas tree lights and it is so unique.  These pictures don't do it justice but you can get an idea. 

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