Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Updates from the Abode

Turns out poor little man's "cold" is a little more serious.  Trip to the vet and several hundred dollars later we have some medicine, wet dog food and an escalated white blood cell count.  Today he seems to be doing a little better though!

Big harvest from the garden last weekend.  Anyone need any fresh 'maters?

Been switching back and forth between my knitting and my needlepoint.  Finished these two knitting projects though:

Elephant pacifier clip.  The top will hook to a pacifier and the bottom to a baby's shirt/dress.  I can't take credit for the ears - they are crocheted so my friend Amanda had to help.

And a felted pumpkin

Isn't amazing how different felting makes the yarn look?  I got the free pattern off of Knitty here and love it so much I think I'll make a couple more at some point.

Is it Friday yet?

1 comment:

  1. Hope your doggie feels better soon!! All your sewing/knitting projects are adorable, but I totally love the little pumpkin. How cute would a grouping of those be in a bowl or on a windowsill?


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