Sunday, August 22, 2010

Heart of the Matter

If you haven't read Emily Giffin and you are looking for an entertaining end of summer beach read then look no further.  My friend Reeves introduced me to Emily Giffin's books.  The first one was Something Borrowed, Something Blue.  By far the best one.  But her other ones have all been page turners.  My friend Liz has named all of Emily Giffin's books by the color of their jacket.  "Greenie", "Pinky" and "Blue" were all good.  She just lent me Heart of the Matter, aka "Purple."  A really enjoyable book. 

I'm not going to mislead you and tell you this is anything other than well written chick lit but sometimes that is exactly what you need. 


  1. Reading it right now! hope you're having a good weekend :)

  2. Something Borrowed was the first one, aka Pinky; Something Blue was the second one, aka Blue. But I agree, they were the best ones, maybe because they're connected (and you end up actually liking "you-know-who" at the end of Blue).


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