Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Lengthen the Life of Celery

I despise having to throw out wasted food - especially fresh produce - because I haven't eaten it in time.  My husband gets on me for going to the grocery store too many times in a week but it is because I'd rather do that then put perfectly good food and money down the drain.  One trick that I do to extend the life of celery (isn't it gross when it becomes all flexible and bendy instead of nice and crunchy?) is to cut the base of the stalks off and store it upright in a cup of water in the fridge.  You'll need to change the water every few days because you'll see how much the celery slurps up.  It is also great if you go ahead and wash and clean it so you are more motivated to grab an easy, healthy snack!

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