Monday, August 2, 2010

Post One for Megan: Shelving ideas for fireplaces

A few weeks ago I wrote about my friend Megan (introduced to me by my other friend Meghann) who recently bought her first place in DC.  I helped her put up her new kitchen shelves. She is so talented that she is doing many of the updates/renovations on the new place herself.  Before she starts a couple of the projects, she's requested two inspirational blog posts from me:

1. Ideas for shelving that could go around fireplaces to make it stand out.
2. Ideas for paneling or accents in wood for the walls in her place.

So, I'll start with an attempt to address the first request today.  Megan's living room has got this great old fireplace with a cool mantel.  She just needs to add something to the wall on either side (correct me if I'm wrong here, Megan, because I've only seen the place once).  So, she needs inspiration for something to spruce it up.

This first image struck me originally not because I like way this room is decorated (in fact, I downright loathe it) but I do like the simplicity of the shelves, the amount of storage that they offer, and especially the curved detailing around the top.  Megan loves to build stuff and is handy with power tools and has handy parents as well so I thought this idea might be a good jumping off point.

In this next photo, I thought this was another great do it yourself idea for Megan.  This appears to require less work than built in shelves and offers a modern but clean twist on normal shelves.  Her fireplace (again, if I remember correctly) is in the gray/slate family.  Some slate gray shelves with lots of books and accessories in fun, punchy colors could look great.

via Apartment Therapy
The fireplace in the next image is much more modern than Megan's but I do like the simplicity of the shelving units here which create visual height appeal.  The unifornity of the white in the objects on the shelves also makes it feel very sleek and clean.

This next image kind of fits the bill for both of Megan's requests: fireplace wall unit shelving and interesting wall paneling techniques.  A lot of work but a cool look nonetheless.  Megan's ceilings aren't this high but you could stop wtih the crown molding at the top.  The beauty of these shelves in this image as well as the next is that they are closed off so you don't have to worry about keeping things tidy all the time.

via Southern Living

Something sophisticated and traditional like this lends itself more to the era of Megan's fireplace.  What is not to love about shelves and shelves of neatly organized books.  The mirror adds height and light to the space.  And if that wasn't enough the brass lighting at the top of each shelves looks amazing at night, I'm sure.

Another look at traditional simplicity and elegance.  This wall unit offers the ability to display books and treasures on some shelves and to keep your electronic equipment or mess hidden away in the cabinets below.

via House and Home

This is just the tip of the iceburg.  Hopefully Megan will complete this project soon and we can all see what a great job she does!  Check out her blog here.


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