Friday, August 27, 2010

For Trevor

My friend Trevor is not only lucky enough to own a house but he is in the process of renovating his kitchen.  Earlier this week Liz and I met with Trevor to give him our two cents.  I can pretty much guarantee you that that poor boy got more advice than he asked for!  That said, if he's still speaking to us, maybe he'll let us tag along when it comes time to go shopping for everything!  (Hint, hint, Trevor).  

So one suggestion that I had that I think Trevor is on board with was to keep the existing cabinets but paint them white.  They are good quality cabinets and there is ample storage.  They need a good coat of high gloss white paint and new hardware.  That coupled with new stainless appliances, a new counter top and back splash and  new floor (type, TBD), I think it will look fabulous!  Trevor was a little concerned about the white cabinets looking too cottagy or country or even beachy.  I hope the inspiration pictures that I pulled for him will convince him otherwise.   
House Beautiful
(Note to Trevor - the hardware on the drawers is cool).

Living, Etc.
(Note to Trevor: have you considered subway tile backsplash?  I'm sorta obsessed with it.)

Country Living
(Note to Trevor: Here is a good picture of Liz's idea to open some of the cabinets up so they have a glass front). 

This Old House
(Note to Trevor - look how good that wood looks on the floor and on the countertop.  Also, we didn't talk about keeping the countertop a white - this looks really, really beautiful).

Martha Stewart
(Note to Trevor: More cool hardware and more cool wooden countertops).

via DecorPad

Atlanta Homes and LifeStyles

Coastal Living

House Beautiful
(Note to Trevor: Neat backsplash and countertop ideas and love the mirrors - too much for you?).
via La Dolce Vita
(Note to Trevor: this shows how you could take advantage of the high ceilings and raise everything all the way up...and look , they have hardwood floors in there!).
Southern Accents
(Note to Trevor: Extra large subway backsplash but still love it!).

House Beautiful
(Note to Trevor: See how the white makes even this small kitchen not feel cramped?  Imagine how bright your big kitchen is going to look!)

House Beautiful
(Note to Trevor: More subway tile and love the idea of painting the back of the cabinets.  There seems to be a common theme with the type of hardware I am drawn to in all of these pictures.)

Kate Spade
(Note to Trevor: What about dem floors???)

Phoebe Howard
(Note to Trevor: Maybe it is a sign...more hardwood floors!).

Hope this helps to give you some more ideas, Trevor! 


  1. Great collection of pictures. If my kitchen looked like any of these, I think people who know how it looks now would not believe their eyes. I am glad I have your help. I do like both subway tiles and the small 1" glass tile backsplashes that are both trendy now. But I worry that they will seem outdated down the road. I got a price for the lower and upper cabinets that would go where the fridge currently is. They are the exact same cabinets as the others in the kitchen. I can even get glass fronts on those, which would allow me to move those glass doors to other cabinets in the kitchen as they are the same size. The only problem with glass fronts is that I'm hoping not to have to paint the inside of the cabinets since I'll be doing the painting myself. So how would the light wood interior look through the open glass?

  2. Did you guys see this? Ah-mazing:

  3. Taylor - I did see that post - hopefully Trevor will check it out. It was incredible. I think he was worried about Ikea looking too cheapy but I think this is a good example of how you can't even tell it is Ikea and the price is unbelievable!

  4. Thanks for these outstanding pictures . These are really beautiful.


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