Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Tip: The Furminator

Greatest pet brush ever. I'm not gonna lie and say that mine worked as well as the videos that can be found on their webiste here BUT, this is worth the purchase price and then some. My dog may be little but he sheds mightily. Should I opt to use it more than once a month, I might not have tumbleweeds of dog hair floating across my living room... If you have pets, trust me and try it.


  1. My husband is obsessed with getting the furminator for our dog! $40 seemed like a lot for a dog brush, but if it will actually keep even some of the dog hair off our furniture, its worth it!
    (Meghann posted a link on FB about another one of your blog posts, so I found it. Hope you're doing well!)

  2. SO true. I don't use it as much as I should either, but it's crazy how much hair that that thing picks up!

  3. I need to give this a try. The tumbleweeds are getting out of control! Thanks for the suggestion!


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