Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Watercolor Art

I recently found these two artists on Etsy who work with watercolor. My mom used a lot of watercolor paints for her art. She did commissioned work of people's houses and pets that were fun and whimsical.

DJ Rogers is a watercolor artist who sells prints of his art on Etsy. I recently brought a print of my brother's dog, a Springer Spaniel, for his birthday. The quality of the paper of the print was excellent and I know he will love it since my mom never had a chance to paint Sydney, his pup. Here are a few other ones I like.

It could almost be my little pup in Paris!

Michael Joe Moore also sells his commissioned artwork on Etsy. What a wonderful house-warming gift for a couple who buys their first home or as a gift for your parents - a commissioned picture of the house you grew up in. He's also from NC!


  1. Susan Muller Chase does paintings similar to these. Have you seen hers on Facebook? They're really good!

  2. I love these! I think I need one...


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