Sunday, February 7, 2010

Before and After: Grandma's Chairs

My grandmother gave me these beautiful chairs that my grandfather brought back from Italy during the war. I loved them but the peach velvet wasn't exactly jiving with my style.

So I had them recovered. I knew I wanted something fun and possibly an animal print. I love not only the giraffe pattern that I found but the texture as well. I also love that the slope of the legs of the chairs almost resemble a giraffe. The fabric is surprisingly neutral - the chairs go with all types of table settings and colors. I like that they bring a contemporary youth to a very classic and traditional chair that otherwise felt very grandma-esque.

As an aside, my grandmother was more than a little horrified when she saw her chairs. But she got over it. After all, it is only fabric. I'm sure they'll be recovered many times as my design tastes and houses change.

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