Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Removing Candle Wax from Carpet or Fabric

Once a month I get together with my girlfriends for our so-called Book Club. It's only so-called because we haven't read a book together for years. But the wine drinking and good times more than make up for it!

We alternate houses so that everyone takes turns hosting. A few years ago I lived in a condo that sported wall to wall WHITE carpet. And then I had book club over. We pulled up chairs to my grandmother's antique dining room table (why go in the living room when the food was in the dining room) and chowed down on the apps. A few bottles of red wine later, one of the legs gave out from the dining room table and red wine and candles and glasses went flying! More tips on red wine removal to come but the candle wax was a major problem. It had gotten even more ground into the carpet as we tried to mop up the spilled wine and broken glass. What a mess!

Defeated, book club went home and I went to bed and tried not to worry about it! My now husband was once again to the rescue. The next day he came over and took a brown paper bag and put it down over the spilled wax. He then placed a hot iron over the brown paper bag and like magic the wax lifted right up!

Just in case one of your tables ever gives out!

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