Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weeknight Inspiration: Turkey Tacos (and margaritas)!

Turkey tacos are a staple in our house. Basically, we fix tacos the same as the ground beef ones we had when I was a kid but we use lean ground turkey to make it healthier. Not that anyone needs instructions on how to fix tacos but in addition to the taco seasoning packet we use on the meat, we add extra cumin and a little hot sauce to the turkey to give it a kick. Whether you use hard or soft shells, make sure to heat them - it makes all the difference. We prefer hard and Trader Joe's just came out with a new taco shell product - awesome. So much better than any of the other store bought brands we've tried.

When I'm really trying to satisfy my Mexican food craving, I'll get some queso blanco from the Hispanic section of the supermarket and grate it up. I love that cheese. But tonight, I just used regular old Mexican-style shredded cheese and it still tastes good.

We like to have margaritas with our turkey tacos to complete the theme. I'm not allowed to give away my husband's recipe (they are awesome!) but when the weather gets warmer I'll get the details from him on how to make a solid one (without whatever super secret ingredient he puts in!).

We always eat our turkey tacos on paper plates so this quick and easy to make meal also leaves very little to clean up!

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