Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My New Idol

I came across M. Design Interiors of Los Angeles when I was reading Design Crisis. The picture I saw was of this kitchen:

There is just something about it that is SO MUCH FUN. I love the funkiness and casualness of it. It looks like you could have a family there, entertain, hang out and still feel glamorous and cool. So, I decided to check out their website to see what other designs they had.

I adore this room. I love the pop of color from the yellow and red chairs, the black and white photo arrangement and that ottoman is awesome. The light is bright and airy but you feel like you could cozy up by the fire in the winter and sip margaritas with friends in the summer.

Best looking kids room I've ever seen. Period.

I love bookshelves and one day am dying for a library (or at the very least extensive built in bookshelves) in my house. I don't think about them belonging in a bedroom very often but I love it. And yet another fireplace?! I'm in heaven...

I love it when there are regular furniture pieces incorporated into the bathroom like that chest of drawers.

An outdoor shower. File in inspiration for that beach house of my dreams!

This is from the same house as the outdoor shower and the next pic of the bathroom. I don't know how they did it but rustic looks decadent and glamorous. I want to move in!

Too cute for words.

I have a hard time describing my design sense if someone asks. A big part traditional with definitely some contemporary flair thrown in there. I am kind of all over the map. That said, I am pretty much obsessed with every room they've done. I guess this sums it up. I think I've found my idol!

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