Friday, February 19, 2010

Wisteria Wish List

Raleigh-bound this weekend. Looking forward to seeing friends, family and time on the road to catch up on my magazine reading! It's been a busy week. It's funny how much time that job of mine takes up when I'm not snowed in at home...

Anyway, I know I talk about Wisteria all the time but I really love it. New catalog came recently. Here's my latest wish list.

This is my favorite headboard of late. Might start saving...

This could organize all those magazines of mine.

I want to find a smaller one of these bottle drying racks to hang ribbon from in a craft area. They ain't cheap.

Just a cute pillow.

I've been wanting this art for an eat in kitchen for ages. Have to wait for a house. Hope they still sell 'em by the time we ever move...

A ladder and a shelf. How useful!

They've had this for a while. These industrial tables are everywhere now. I still want one.

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