Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's a Love/Hate Relationship

with that Candice Olson.  (It's a tie between her and Rachel Ray.)  I luh-huve her designs (despite the fact that they are definitely more modern than my typical taste) but the dorkiness of the show nearly sends me over the edge.  But, like any train wreck, I can't stop watching. 

I wish I had her talent.  Just not her quirky personality. 

I think the thing that she inspires me most about is what she can do to miraculously design basements.  They go from these dingy, dated, eye sores to stunning rooms that I'm sure are better looking than the other rooms on the regular floors of the houses.  Check out a few of her basement designs (yes, these really are basements):

And every once in a while she'll do an attic for good measure:

Here are some living rooms:

This dining room was actually designed by Farnworth Design Studios in the UK but the wallpaper is Candice Olsen.  Because she didn't have enough talent designing rooms, she has her own wall paper, fabric and furniture lines as well. 


  1. Oh mah lord. The lighting in that attic just made me squeal. Recessed lights in a ceiling beam!! The paisley wall adornments, no. But the lighting, YES.

    Is it bad that I don't know who Candice Olsen is? I need to brush up on my design blogs.

  2. I love Divine Design! I DVR it every day. I agree with you, she annoys the living heck out me but I love her designs and the end product.

    Another one I really enjoy is Color Splash with David Bromstad. As a big Design Star fan, I just love him and his personality. I'm not always so crazy about his designs but I think it's a fun show.


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