Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Tip: How to speak to an actual person when calling customer service

When you call a company and have to listen to about 5 levels of electronic menus until you can get an actual person make you as crazy as it does me?  It is one of my biggest pet peaves.  Sometimes you just need to explain your issue to understand what it is you are actually asking a company to do.  I recently had an issue with Verizon Wireless and after spending aaaaages trying to get someone on the line, I came across this site:
ContactHelp.com.  Amazing.  Here's Verizon, for example:

The important information to take note of is this: 

How to reach a live person:

Press 0

Press # four times

Press 0

And it really works!!


  1. I'm a big fan of those type of sites. I've been using www.dialahuman.com for years. Saves sooooo much time!

  2. Can I get customer service support of a business named as Reviewguts . Is there any provision to reach out to the support team or live person of the website?

  3. Today, there are a number of sites available on the internet which provides the entire customer support related assistance and business contact numbers , but most of the time numbers provided are not working or not in services anymore. So, the site owner should update its database regularly so that customer experience does not get affected.


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