Monday, March 28, 2011

Austin: Aviary & Uncommon Objects

You've all heard the motto "Keep Austin Weird", right?  Well, I don't think you can truly grasp the true spirit of that statement without a trip to Austin.  I know I couldn't.

We were there for our friends Grace and Chris' wedding (which was so gorgeous!) but it also happened to be my birthday.  So, I convinced my husband that for my birthday, I wanted the opportunity to go around and look at design shops (any other time he might have complained about this) and he agreed.

We found a bunch of cool spots.  My favorite place was Aviary - it was a modern design shop and wine bar in one.  The moderness of the design at Aviary was maybe a little out of my comfort zone but the store's owner was so amazingly cool that I know if I lived there we would become fast friends.  She actually ended up in Austin after living in Richmond, VA and opened her store with no experience and basically no capital.  And she's been there for almost six years and is doing great.  We had a long talk about my dream of opening a store and all of the ideas I had for it.  I will definitely keep in touch with her.  If you're ever in Austin, be sure to look this place up - even better - go towards the end of the day and have a cocktail to go with your shopping!

It was the owner of Aviary that led me to the next stop on our design tour - Uncommon Objects.  Oh.My.Gosh.  These pictures do NOT do this place justice.  Imagine a joint about 15 times the size of what these images portray that is CHOCK FULL of every object imaginable.  It was, in a word, overwhelming.

More to come...this was just a taste of Austin's awesomeness!

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