Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fabric Covered Bulletin Board with Nailhead Trim

A couple of months ago I picked up two bulletin boards at Goodwill for $5 each.  I took my inspiration from Bryn's blog here and knew I wanted to cover them with fabric and nailheads.  I have had this done for a while but forgot to take pictures of it...but, today I was helping my friend Lauren set up her new apartment - she just moved to DC from Chicago.  Lauren has a lot of very traditional furniture that include lots of pieces she inherited from her grandparents - like me!  But, she wanted to try to modernize everything a little.  Hopefully she'll send me pictures to share soon.  There was a spot just above her desk that I think one of these bulletin boards would fit perfectly in after she picks fabric that she's happy with.

Here's the one I did for myself right now.  I've got it down in my craft area underneath the curtain rod turned ribbon hanger...

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