Saturday, March 19, 2011

Updates from the Abode: Gettin' Ready for Spring!

Inspired by yesterday's post on succulents, I set off this morning in search of my own succulent plant.  Because of the comment from my trusted pal, Leslie that succulents are not low maintenance, I opted for only one small one to start with.  I figure if I fail miserably at keeping this one alive then I'm only out the 6 bucks I paid for it.  I put it in the bathroom for now...

Another shot 'cause I'm still in love with my new shower curtain.

Beautiful flowers from my sweet Golden Apple students are brighting the place up in here!

The dining room table is feeling spring-y too with some potted lavender and little flower votives.

Some pussy willow branches in the dining room adds height.  I displayed them in one of my favorite vases from my Grandmother - it looks like bamboo.  (Bad glare, sorry.)

My favorite bush from our yard.  I took a few pictures of it because it will only look this beautiful for about three more days before the yellow flowers fall off and the green leaves come in.  Every other part of the year, this bush is boring.  Plain green in the summer and sticks in the winter (although I did string some Christmas lights on it this year which jazzed it up some).  Anyone know what kind of plant this is?  The yellow leaves are just gorgeous!

The pup likes it evidenced by the big hole he dug underneath it.

Speaking of the cute is this?  Blinded by the glare of the sun - it has been too long since we've seen it this bright!!

He's posing now...along with my newly pedicured foot.  The salon was hoppin' with pedi requests today...another sign of spring-like weather! 

Two bedside tables waiting for me to get goin' on a paint job...

Mr. Rabbit would like his garden back...just a few more weeks til we put the 'maters in the ground.

I didn't even have to plant these pansies and cabbages...they shot back up from last fall after looking dead all winter!


  1. So nice and springy! Love the pussy willows. The yellow bush is forsythia-- I always cut several branches when they look like sticks (about three or weeks ago this year?) and bring them inside in a bunch of water. They'll bloom in your house as an early spring treat. It's one of my favorite things each year-- so dramatic! Enjoy the weather!

  2. Yes, forsythia! One of my mom's favorite stories about my brother involved his reaction to her pointing out a forsythia bush in the flowerbed at our church: "Who's Sythia and where's the for-Michael?" (He was about 4 at the time).


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