Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Austin

Some more randomness from our trip to Austin from last weekend for Grace and Chris' weekend.  My husband took the picture above but doctored it up with color - pretty cool, huh?

Shot from the inside of the Capitol looking downtown:

Pics of the beautiful Capitol rotunda:

My birthday dinner at Eddie V's was incredible.  They brought me my favorite dessert - creme brulee.  But the best part of the meal was the potato and gruyere fritters.  If you go you HAVE to get them.  To die for.  Oh, and ladies, according to our waiter (who was fabulous!), Matthew McConaughay is a regular here!

This store (can't remember the name of it - sorry!) had amazing outdoor furniture and accessories.  I guess when you can use your outdoor space something like 80 percent of the year then you are justified to spend a lot on outdoor furniture because it is another room!  This thing was crazy - like a beehive that could fit 2-3 people easily.  I don't think the picture gives a good scale of how huge this was.

The original Whole Foods and headquarters.  I was pretty into this because Jack's friend Grace helped design it.

The chocolate area was the most amazing to me...and I'm not even a big sweets person!

(Um, yes, that is a whole baking sheet's worth of chocolate bark.)

Next to Eddie V's, Z Tejas was our other favorite meal.  It was a cool joint with a definite Austin vibe and the food was awesome.  We had a salsa sampler appetizer to start:

Jack had a margarita - I loved how they used a lime instead of the traditional top of the cocktail shaker.

This was my entree.  I know it is kind of weird to take a picture of your food at a restaurant but this dish was so beautifully presented that I couldn't help it.  It was a roasted poblano pepper stuffed with smoked chicken and apricots and cheese and topped with roasted pumpkin seeds...ah-mazing!

Can't remember the name of this shop either but it was one of the most amazing places I've ever seen.  I can't really describe it -- it was a mix of antiques, cowboy gear, art deco furniture and over the top accessories.  This is just a shot of one tiny part of their outdoor area.

And last but not least - the reason for the trip - Grace and Chris' wedding.  The bride looked gorgeous and everything was beautiful.  They had the reception at the beautiful Duchman Family Vineyards and I loved the centerpieces.  They were simple and elegant and I thought the vintage books that belonged to the bride's mother were a sweet touch.

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