Friday, March 18, 2011


I've been seeing these succulent container gardens everywhere these days...from the green room on American Idol to the entire (and I mean entire) Restoration Hardware Garden Catalog, to magazines and blogs.  I love them and want to make one. 

They are apparently really low maintanence.  I just have to figure out how to create the soil and where to buy the plants...Does anyone have any experience with succulent gardening?


  1. yes, i've tried it 3 different times over three different years and i can never get it look as pretty or keep them alive. low maintenance my butt. mucho good luck with yours though!

  2. I've got a jade that has grown and grown and grown since my mom gave it to me in 2004. I also have a kalanchoe and two mystery Trader Joe's succulents that do well as long as I keep them in a sunny spot. My mom kept hens and biddies in a container like this: . I don't see those around much anymore! I've found this houseplant book really helpful in keeping my succulants alive and happy: .


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