Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kathryn M., it is not a name change

I was reading the latest issue of House Beautiful and there was an article featuring the work of interior designer Kathryn M. Ireland. Usually I just skim through all of the pictures and just absorb all of the cool decorating ideas (and dog-ear pages all over the place) but I liked some of these rooms so much that I actually started reading the article! It was driving me bonkers when I read that the name of the designer was Kathryn M. Ireland because I kept wondering if it was the model Kathy Ireland. You know, like when Debbie Gibson decided she had to be called Deborah Gibson?

So I googled it since the entire article in House Beautiful never addressed it. Turns out she is NOT a former model gone interior designer but just a really incredible designer who happens to share the name of a famous person.

Do you not just want to move on in?

And my personal favorite:
How awesome is that chair??

She's just come out with a new line of fabrics. I love them all. I just read this post on Decorno's blog that if you take your pillow inserts and whatever fabric you want to your dry cleaner that they can sew you custom throw pillows. I mean, duh. Most of them have tailors on site. Of course they can! Where have I been all this time? This opens up a whole realm of possibilities for those new throw pillows for my couch...

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  1. :) One word of caution, though. You may want to bring in an example of how you want the pillow finished (what kinds of seams, etc.). I didn't do this and now I wish I had.

    The Domino Book of Decorating also has a great section in the back with little drawings of all types of pillows and seams (ruffles, piping, knife-edge, etc) which, if you're not into sewing (as I am not) is also a really helpful way of showing your dry cleaner exactly what you want so that you can confirm first that they can sew with that level of skill.

    Good luck!


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