Monday, January 25, 2010

Pretty Paper

I've got a new found love of papier mache after picking up these handmade fruit and veggies from our honeymoon in Cozumel. It is displayed in the middle of our dining room table and is a happy reminder of a wonderful trip.

These papier mache crafts are a far cry from the messy, delicate masterpieces we made of papier mache in elementary school. Do you remember blowing up balloons and then coating them with the dripping newspaper and then popping the balloons once the glue dried? This is much more of an art form.

love birds cake topper from Etsy

black and white teacup from Etsy

bright fish from Etsy

beaded bottle stopper from Etsy

light fixture from Stray Dog Designs

vintage papier mache brooch from Carole Tannenbaum Collection

Indian bracelets from Unicef USA

bull from Cactus Creek Daily

Yes, there is even papier mache furniture...arm chair from Masif designs

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