Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fine Lookin' Feathers

I'm a fan of the peacock. They don't seem super friendly (Bets and I met some in our travels through northern Scotland) but they sure are purty. And would look great all over the house. Apparently lots of people think so because they are everywhere. Love 'em almost as much as I love an animal print. I said almost. But then again, I guess they kind of are.

Check out these interesting peacock facts I just learned:
1. The word peacock actually means a male peafowl. Who knew? I thought that was just the name of the animal...
2. Peacocks are polygamous and have 4-5 "wives." Jerks. Not to mention, the men got all the looks.
3. Those tail feathers rejuvenate every year.
4. Their tailspreads can span 70-90 inches!

Here are some peacock themed goods I would like to have:

Peacock dishes from Anthropologie

Peacock Notecards from Painted by Renee

Peacock Fabric from Silks.com
Wouldn't this look awesome as a duvet cover or as framed art on a wall?

Peacock clutch on Etsy

Another fab clutch on Etsy

Feather Pillow from Grand Array as seen on Youngblood Gallery and Boutique
If I can track these suckers down they may be calling my name...I did need those new throw pillows for the couch.

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