Saturday, January 30, 2010

HGTV Dream Home

Does anybody else dislike the 2010 HGTV Dream Home as much as me? And they keep airing it over and over again.

I am usually able to at the very least appreciate designs outside of my taste but I can't even remotely warm up to this. Normally I sit in front of the tv salivating over their annual Dream Home but not this year.

A house out in the middle of the desert? What kind of a dream is that? No thank you.

Stark, boring, bland entryway. Oh wait, are they trying to mimic the surrounding desert?

Of course you can't have nice landscaping - you are in the MIDDLE of a friggin' desert. Fugs.

I have a hard time finding a fireplace that I don't like but they've managed to find one that I detest. This looks like it should belong in the lobby of a Vegas hotel.

Decor like this all over the house. I know they were trying to display local art but bor-ing, ugly colors.

Maybe it's just me.

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