Monday, January 11, 2010


I'm giving myself until the end of January to either take down the Christmas wreath on my door or find a replacement wreath. I purposely didn't put a big red bow on it so it didn't scream Christmas. When the pup and I took our walk today we saw lots of neighbors who haven't started to take down their Christmas decorations yet. Or even worse, some still have their rotting Halloween pumpkins out next to their blow up Christmas yard ornaments. Yes, I live in a very classy neighborhood. Here's my wreath - it has seen better days but it's a trooper:

Here are some other cool wreaths I found in my search:

Love the simplicity of a boxwood wreath (like the square ones too). Fun, colorful bow and done!
This one is from Gardens of the Blueridge.

This one made of feathers is kind of fun and won't die on you. From

Might be the my favorite one I've seen yet. Made of brussell sprouts! As seen on
Apartment Therapy.

Colorful felt wreath from Recover Girl. Adore it. Not sure it is the best bet for my front door though. The elements might ruin it.

Look closely at these. The potato and onion one is my favorite with a runner up given to the lemons. Image compiled from SimpleSong. Wreaths made by Laura Dowling.

Peppers and star anise wreaths from Kitchen Critic. Cool.

Fresh herb wreath from Williams Sonoma.

Sweet gum wreath from Martha Stewart.

Wild twig wreath from Marston House.

From Willow Decor.

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  1. I like the Willow Decor. You could make that and it would look good on a door in January.


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