Friday, January 29, 2010

Love and Cabbage

I got married in October 2009. Thanks to my dad it was a wonderful wedding and so much fun to have so many people I love in one place. But, one thing I didn't love was my flowers. I think the problem is you have to order those suckers blind. I mean, the florist can only tell you what flowers they plan to use but you don't actually know what they'll look like until they show up at the church/reception. It wasn't that mine were ugly; they looked pretty. It was just that my florist used lots of things that I specifically said I didn't want like hypernicum berries. Not a fan of those prickly berries. Lesson learned: be more specific. Not that I plan on doing it again! But for all of those friends of mine getting married next fall, there's some advice for you. And here's an idea for you:

I came across an ad today from a florist that featured ornamental cabbage bouquets. Why didn't I think of that? So cool and so perfect for fall. Would have made awesome centerpieces as well.

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