Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Protege

I'm paying forward all the help my nice friends at work gave me to help me get started knitting.  At the beach my little cousin Jillian, age 10, saw me knitting my bunny and she got really excited.  She ran out of the room and came running back in with a hot pink bag full of knitting supplies.  Apparently her teacher had started teaching them to knit at school and Jillian really enjoyed it.  I showed her the bird I made for cute little Woodburn (Emery's cousin).  I blogged about it here but you can also see Woodburn and Eme in action with the little bird in the picture below.

Anyway, Jillian liked it so much that she wanted to make one too.  Except, she's so talented, she made two in the few days we were at the beach.  Check them out!

The one on the right she made all by herself.  She didn't have any stuffing so she stuffed it with toilet paper.  I warned her that was risky being that we were at the beach surrounded by water!  The one on the left I helped her a little with the beak and feet but she did the whole body herself!  A great future is in store for her as a knitter, I think. 

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