Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fabulous Kitchen Storage

I wouldn't know too much about kitchen storage...I have none.  But I covet some of these kitchen storage units.  Love the above that I saw via The Newlywed Diaries.  Love the combo of the sliding industrial door and the chalk board.   The shelves behind it are so nicely organized that they would be just fine if they were exposed but they took it one step further with this door. 

via Absolutely Beautiful Things

Some serious organization in those last two images! 

You know how much I love a library ladder.  This takes my love for a ladder to a whole new level!  And I adore the height of the doors out to the balcony.  The whole room appears so tall.

Kate Spade Kitchen via Little Green Notebook

I love the idea of open shelving but question my ability to keep it neat enough for public display at all times.  Check out the sink in the picture above!

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  1. I am so inspired, and want to use all these ideas!
    Where can I get a barn door like that? I really want one for my bathroom, but the two door guys I had come out (for another door) don't do them. Could this be the ultimate DIY project?


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