Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Organization Goals

I don't usually make New Year's Resolutions however this year I have told myself that I want to get more organized.  This involves some simple things that I have been putting off that just need to get done.  In an attempt to hold myself accountable, I thought I'd document a few of the things here on my blog.  We moved into our house over a year ago and there are still a lot of things that are still sitting exactly where they were left when we moved in because I was too sleep deprived from the baby, trying to work and overwhelmed from a cross-country move with two babies and a husband who was gone all the time.  Not complaining, just sayin'.  I'm (somewhat) back to sleeping and I feel a lot more settled now so the time has come to do something about some things around my house.

1. Organize my closet.  I need to get uniform hangers, get rid of stuff I don't wear anymore and go through all of my shoes.  That thing is a wreck.

2. Get rid of the clutter off of my kitchen counters.  We have a big junk bowl that houses anything from candy and snacks to random business cards and coupons to screws that go to I-don't-know-what, etc., etc.   I spent more time in the kitchen than probably any other room and I want it to have a little style.  One first step is to get the junk off of there and then a little styling/decorating can ensue.

3. Finish organizing/decorating the dining room.  When we switched the playroom and the dining room, the dining room was kind of left behind and it needs some TLC.   The wonderful built-ins need to be styled and I think the space needs a little color!

4.  Organize our bathroom.  The space underneath the sink is a hot mess and needs to be dealt with.  Pronto.  I'm also sure I keep buying toiletry items we don't need because everything is just shoved in a ginormous basket under there.

5. Organize the attic.  I'm on my way with this one.  I took advantage of the January sales at Target, Home Depot, etc. and bought a ton of those clear, stackable plastic bins.  Now I can see what I have stored up there and not have to rummage through cardboard box after cardboard box.  Also, our hot water heater broke a few weeks ago and water leaked out.  Thankfully I was able to keep it under control and get the water switched off before any major damage was done but it did make me realize that those cardboard boxes offer things like old photo albums and keepsakes no protection in a situation like that.  Now that we have just purchased a brand new water heater (ouch!), we shouldn't run into that problem again but you never know...

So, those are a few of my small organization goals.  I will challenge myself to complete this list by the end of March.  We have dear friends coming from Scotland then so hopefully we (and by we I mean I) can get all of these little things done that I think will go a long way towards helping me feel a little less crazy! 

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