Thursday, January 25, 2018

Big Changes to this Little Blog

I've been blogging here since 2009 (with about a year-long hiatus after baby #1 was born while I juggling that and a full time job).  I love having this blog as a creative outlet.  I love it even more when people contact me because they enjoy reading something I've written about or an image I've shared.  And mostly, if I could, I would eat, sleep and breathe interior design.  Okay, well, I love food too much so maybe just sleep and breathe interior design but still cook yummy food.  And drink delicious cocktails, duh.

And while I can get around on a computer fairly well from a business standpoint, I am by no means great at graphic design or web design.  Hence why my blog still looks like it is from the late 90's (okay, maybe early 2000's??).  So, I've enlisted some help and hope to be able to reveal the new look (along with some other exciting updates) in the coming weeks.  My goal is that my blog be a better reflection of my actual style.  If you've been reading my blog for a while, you can probably get a gist of what that style is but I thought it would be fun to put together a few images that really speak to me from a design standpoint.

A long time ago when my Pinterest obsession began, I started a board called My Style.  It doesn't get as much play these days however, I went back through it and there wasn't much on there that I didn't still agree with.  If you look at it, you'll see a lot of animal print (namely leopard), a lot of classic black and white, and a lot of mixing patterns and styles (ie traditional and contemporary).

This space has ME written all over it.  I love how bold and fearless Jennifer's designs are yet at the same time they have very classic elements.  Note the more traditional coffee table and silver urn that the orchid is in paired with bright, colorful patterns...and of course a little leopard for good measure.   

I'm a sucker for anything Morocco, anything with textured wood grains or bamboo, and of course a good, colorful print like these suzanis and ikats here.  I love how the space feel so well-traveled (something I like to think I used to be!).  While we are on the subject of style, Amber is pretty much a God in the design world.  While  her style tends to be a little more minimalist and muted than mine, I love, love, love every space she does!  She definitely has the mixing old/new part down to an art.

This mix is everything!!  And I adore day beds in general.  I can't wait to get one (I'm thinking maybe my daughter's room down the road) and fill it with soft, elegant pillows (in an awesome mix, obvi).  

This might quite possibly be the sexist chair I've ever seen in all my life.  End of discussion.

via Flickr (original source unknown)

Vintage glassware and a beautiful glass vase.  Awesome, eye catching side table.  Pattern on pattern in a traditional, comfy updated wing back chair.  And books galore.  I could definitely see myself spending time in a space like this!

Peonies are for sure my favorite flower.  They are simply stunning and one day I will have a cut flower garden with peonies galore.  And handwritten notes?  I'm a true southern girl who knows the importance and appreciates a good handwritten note.  Neither of these two things will ever go out of style in my book.

I love being organized!  Having children has made that ever so much more difficult but I still strive for organization in my life.  And who says organization has to be stark and boring?!  Look at this beautiful display of fun baubles in pretty little dishes.  I love the mix of colors, textures and rich jewel tones.  Old and new are perfectly married in this little vignette.  I've loved this image for a long, long time.

So, there's a little overview of some important style elements in my book.  Design truly is so personal and that's what I love about it.  Stay tuned for updates to Adorned Abode coming soon!


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