Thursday, March 4, 2010

Viva the handbags!

I know, I know.  I am the last person ANYONE should be taking fashion advice from. I rarely shop for clothes anymore until the situation gets desperate (besides, I've got good friends like Alice and Liz to fuel my wardrobe!) but I've been in the market for a pocketbook. Seriously, that is a daunting task.

Everytime I go to TJ Maxx I check them out. I always see girls who get the cutest bags from there (and you kind of have to the way department store handbags are priced these days!!) and I can never seem to find one.

I was flipping through the new Viva Terra catalog a few days ago and came across a few handbags I really like.  But there goes that price factor again - most are well over the $100 mark.  But I still think they're cute.

Kinda hippie and kinda preppy.

this one's reversible to boot!

1 comment:

  1. Those are SUPER cute but here's my tip to you on canvas or fabric bags of any type... They're NOT for every day. They get dirty and grungy and they don't hold their shape and before you know it, they look sad and pitiful. Take my word on this one. An every day bag needs a bit more solid structure so as not to appear beaten up within a few wearings. These would be great for "special occasion" bags! Ok, 2 cents from Tay!


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