Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Color Me Happy...

thanks to interior designer John Loecke - not of the tv show Lost fame - but of the interior design world.

Check it.  I think I'd be happy in any one of these rooms.

Um, hello beach cottage.  Or too much for a beach cottage maybe?  Maybe I'll decorate my master bedroom like this and pretend I'm at the beach year round.  Love the bright colors and the mix of fabrics.  Especially adore those lamps. 

Loecke has an amazing skill with mixing art to make it look spectacular.  I'm not sure individiually I'd care much about any of those paintings but together they look fabulous.  BHG featured this in an article about decorating with white walls.  There's so much color in this room that I hardly even noticed the walls were white!

I can't say enough about this dining nook.  Comfy, cozy, whimsical but not overdone.  Can I come for dinner?

I usually prefer lighter cabinetry.  Not here.  How awesome is that plate display?

Perfect dressing nook.  I don't care if you're not super girly or pink isn't your favorite color.  Who wouldn't want to sit here?

I adore the mix of fabrics on the sofa.  File in the how to mix patterns, colors and fabrics inspiration drawer.

Again with the picture collection.  Not in love with any of the images individually but love the display. 

Images via John Loecke website, Better Homes and Gardens, flickr, Country Living, The Peak of Chic, Room Envy, & Simply Seleta

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  1. haha, love your LOST reference. These are seriously all so beautiful. When I buy a house, we're definitely hiring an interior designer!


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