Friday, March 12, 2010

Sarah's House

So I'm at the gym this afternoon (go me! I usually can't motivate on a Friday...) and I'm watching HGTV while I'm on the treadmill. I thought with all of the hours I've committed to watching HGTV over the years that I had seen it all but lo and behold, I've been missing a great show! Have ya'll seen Sarah's House?

Man, those Canadians can decorate. Between this Sarah Richardson and Candice Olson, maybe I need to move north of the border...

Anyway, I WISH I could find a picture of the guest bedroom that she did on today's show but I can't yet. I am in love with it. She turned these plates into awesome shadow artwork, had awesome bold graphics in the wall paper and fabrics, and even made these two lamps from cheap vases (probably from a Canadian version of TJ Maxx - or do they have TJ Maxx there??). So cool.

Since I couldn't find the pics of the guest room I saw today (you can watch the episode here online if you are interested), I decided to show you some other rooms. And I adore her design sidekick.

image from Decorpad
via My Luscious Life
as seen on Layers of Meaning
from Dottie Anne

via HGTV
via HGTV

via Flickr

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  1. Isn't Sarah the best thing ever? I think I love her even more than Candace. I've been watching her on the Fine Living Network for a while. She's had a couple of different shows over the years, but in addition to Sarah's House, she currently has a show called Design Inc. about the design firm she runs with Tommy and some other cute designers. I'm semi-obsessed with her and her style.


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