Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Squirrel Repelent

This tip is courtesy of my neighbor and friend Nicole.  She concocted this beauty.

If you do not live in the Alexandria/DC area then you may not be feeling our pain about squirrels.  Let's just say it is about the only reason I'd consider letting my husband get a gun.  I've had it with those suckers.  They eat our veggies from the garden, destroy our pumpkins at Halloween (I think this one pisses me off the most), and scratch around on our roofs when we are trying to sleep.  Seriously, growing up in North Carolina, I hardly even noticed these little rodents but now I've got it in for them!

You can thank Nicole if you live in this area and are trying to repel squirrels from your yard.  And if anyone figures out a way to keep them off of our roofs and out of my neighbors ceiling, I'd be all ears.

Squirrel Hater Spray:

In empty spray bottle mix: murphy's oil soap (3 tbsp), 2 tbsp tabsco sauce, cayenne pepper. Dilute with water (3 cups or so). Shake. Spray around vegetable garden daily. Keeps those pesky tomato/pumpkin/fruit eating rodents away. Make sure to wash any picked fruits well (a good idea always, but good to remind all the same).

Image via a fabulous new website I found called Remove Squirrels. 


  1. Good tip! We don't have a problem with them now, but boy, they were a nuisance in our Birmingham house. They used to dig up my flowers! And chew the wiring in my car! Grrrr. I'm mad all over again just thinking about it. A mechanic told us to use cayenne pepper, but I like your concoction better.

  2. This may be the most useful tidbit you've shared! Hate those pesky squirrels.


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