Saturday, March 6, 2010

Good Night Moon

All the snow we've had was good for my needlepoint productivity!  Here's another baby shower gift I did.  My friend Cecelia is having a little boy. 

This is from one of my all time favorite children's books Goodnight Moon.  I don't know much about what her nursery will look like so I thought this would be cute on a door knob or hanging on a dresser. 

I gave her the book to go with it. 

Can I also just say how I love (and I never noticed this until I started this project) that there is an animal print rug on the floor?  I really liked how the floor in this turned out.  I used a stitch to make it look like little bricks all across it.

The canvas is from Silver Needle and the fabric is (again!) Amy Butler.  I love those stripes.

1 comment:

  1. So cute! I'm quite impressed with your needlepointing! And I'm also impressed to see you're now learning to knit. I thought about learning to knit until I realized how long it takes my mom to make each of her grand-baby blankets. I'm sticking to quilts!


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