Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday...

to me.  Lord, I am gettin' old. 

Two things on the top of my wish list that I'm not getting for my birthday this year are:

A house.  Do you think this one is too much to wish for as a starter home?

A dishwasher.  Oh wait, our kitchen is the size of a closet so this won't fit.  But since the sink is currently filled with dirty dishes that I refuse to do on my birthday, a girl can only dream.

After a lovely birthday eve with my book club girls (do NOT be fooled by the title of our club - no reading or discussion of books occurs at our book club - it is mainly consumption of large amounts of wine), my husband gave me a beautiful new watch!  He says he's got another one on the way but I have to wait until tonight to get it.  He's taking me to J. Gilberts which I've been dying to try.  Despite having to go to work, not getting the top two items on my wish list, AND being older than dirt, all in all it hasn't been a bad day.

Images: Arlington Friends House and MIT Alumni Site


  1. Happy Birthday to you, Cameron! Houses and appliances are overrated anyway. Something's always breaking. Enjoy your lovely dinner and sweet husband. And we're not THAT old...yet!

  2. Happy birthday, dear Cameron! Let's go to Lucketts soon?


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