Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Kitchen Space Savers

If you like to cook and you have a small kitchen, then you've got a big problem.  We love to cook and I think we have one of the tiniest kitchens around...save for maybe that flat I had in Scotland.  The owners of the house should get credit for coming up with savvy space saving ideas for our kitchen.  They could work for any size kitchen, really.  The bigger the space you have, the more elaborate yours could be.

First off, and this is the biggest help, is our pot rack.  It hangs on a wall opposite of our one corner of counter space and our two cabinets.  If we had to put our pots in the cabinets, we'd have no room for dishes, glasses or serving ware.  Problem solved.  No matter where I move, I'd like to have a pot rack...one day hopefully it'll be hanging from the ceiling but we'll save that for another day.

Second, get a magnetic rack to hang your knives.  It isn't save to shove them into drawers with all of your other utensils.  You can easily cut yourself.  This way, they are out of harms way and you feel kind of professional, like a real chef!

Lastly, another magnetic tool bar displays frequently used spices.  The clear lid allows you to see inside and you can easily reach it when you are cooking at the stove.  A larger magnetic board could be mounted on a wall (and would be if we had more space) for additional spices.

Get yourself to IKEA.  They have all of this stuff on the cheap.  Get your kitchen organized!

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