Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm a Southerner...I can't help it

Monograms can be so overdone. And if you're not from the South you have no idea what the obsession is with putting your name all over everything. After high school when everything I owned had my initials plastered all over it - from my silver jewelery to my jewelery cases to my pillow cases - I took a little hiatus. But the bug is back. It's not as hardcore, I'm just still a fan. I can't help myself.

When I got married, it was very important to lots of people to know what my new initials would be. After years of having cWH all over everything, it now seems strange to see cJw on my beautiful new monogrammed towels, a wedding gift from my friend Susan. And you wouldn't believe how many compliments I've gotten on them! (If you're looking for some, I got these from Pottery Barn and love them - and would love these soft, fluffy towels even without the monogram):

And my friend Amanda gave us these great "J" Tervis Tumblers. They're virtually indestructible and they don't leave sweat rings on the table.

Here are a few more things with letters I wouldn't mind having around the house.

I'd put these in a mudroom (if I had a house)...one for each member of the fam to hang their coats.

Metal boxes from West Elm - great for catching change or those earrings you need in reach because you wear them every day.

It'd be cheerier to be at work if you had your coffee or tea out of these mugs from Rosanna.

I'll host a grown up cocktail party with these linen napkins.

I like my name. I don't need plastered on everything I own. But I still like an initial thrown in every now and again for good measure.


  1. I so agree. I love numbers on things too. Did you subscribe to cottage living? They had one designer who used numbers and monograms in the coolest ways. I miss that magazine!

  2. Ditto on the numbers, Katie! Here's some more on decorating with numbers and letters on Real Simple:



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