Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Uncle Jeff Would Be So Proud

Growing up I was always a little afraid to go into my Uncle Jeff's office because of all of the hunting trophies mounted on the walls. I never particularly agreed with hunting as a recreational sport and I especially never agreed with any of these hunting trophies belonging in any decorating scheme (unless you lived in a log cabin and even then it still seemed creepy).

That said, antlers are everywhere these days. Everywhere. I've watched two David Bromstad episodes on HGTV where he used them. The first time I was horrified. By the time I got to the second episode, I realized I kinda liked it. Especially when used faux ones he picked up at a garage sale, spray painted them bright orange and mounted them over a fireplace.

Maybe subconsciously I've eased into the idea of decorating with antlers after reading all of my design magazines.

Images from Domino (2), Cottage Living, Martha Stewart, & HGTV

Love these two options found on etsy...maybe I'll get in on the craze...

Everything looks pretty - even antlers - with a coat of gold spray paint!

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  1. I want a wooden deer head, too! They used to have this really cool one at Viva Terra, but sadly they're not carrying it anymore.


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