Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Couch, Old Couch

The day of the new couch us upon us. My very kind neighbor, Whit, came to help us move the red couch to the basement before Pottery Barn delivered the new one. Except the old one didn't fit in the basement. Not even remotely.

Now we have TWO couches in our very tiny living room. It is not aesthetically pleasing but I am consoling myself with the knowledge that

a. We will not live in this rental house forever. (Hopefully the new house wherever we move will have either a larger living room or a den and a living room where we can use two couches.)

b. The new arrangement is more conducive to having guests. The other chairs we had scattered around were beautiful antiques (most thanks to my grandmother) but not super comfy. Now more people can hang out.

c. There is such a thing as a slipcover. I just need to measure things up and can cover the red one and it'll be like new. And so very cottage chic.

d. My search for a new coffee table has escalated since the old one is just way too big. Game on.

New Couch

Old Couch (same tiny living room!)

A side comment: as I sit and write this we are all three (husband, me and dog) sitting on the old couch just looking at the new foreign one. Ridiculous.


  1. That last part really made me laugh because I could picture myself doing the same thing! It'll just take a little while to get used to the new couch. Your puppy will be chewing things on it in no time. :-)

  2. Hahahahaha. You love the red couch.


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