Friday, December 18, 2009

The Sofa Situation

Today was supposed to be the Eve of My NEW Couch Day. Alas, Pottery Barn called to say they needed to reschedule due to the inclement weather (they're calling for about 8-10 inches of snow in DC!). Hopefully we can get it delivered the week after Christmas. So, I've decided to do some before pictures to get myself excited for the impending after pics.

Here is my current/ancient/dog-hair-covered red couch:

We pooled collective wedding gift cards (thank you everyone!) to purchase this:

My two main criteria for the couch were:

1. Timeless/Neutral: This rationale, while obvious, was twofold. First, we live in a rental so the couch will need to fit in with decor for wherever we move. Second, couches aren't cheap. I don't anticipate I'll be getting another new one anytime soon so I better love this one for a while.

2. Repels/Hides Dog Hair: I have a tan dog. My current couch is red with tan hair all over it. My new couch will be made of microsuede which will help repel the tan hair. Whatever isn't repeled will be masked by the color. (My husband was actually pulling pieces of dog hair off of my black fleece jacket to make sure the couch color swatches in the store would match the dog. The sales woman thought this was brilliant. I was slightly humiliated.)

I am gettting excited just thinking about new throw pillows for the new couch.

Oh, and just because I am obsessed with Christmas, here is a picture of our Christmas tree:

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