Monday, December 28, 2009

Bargain Buster

I - as my father would always proudly say - am a Bargain Buster! Check out what I snagged yesterday.

First, I negotiated 40% off this floor mat I've been eyeing for quite some time. My kitchen mat was dirty and no matter how many times I cleaned it, it still looked dingy. This one looks cute and ought to hold up well since it is made of wooden slats. I got it for $20 from one of my favorite stores in Alexandria, Decorium. Huge sale going on right now, fyi!

Second, I got the next two things - a nifty vintage metal basket and the olive oil dispenser - for six bucks. I think I am going to use the basket to organize things in my craft area...whenever I get around to organizing that.

Do make sure to note the adorable salt and pepper shakers that my friend Reeves gave me for Christmas!

I also got this stone mirror for $9. I haven't decided if this is its final resting place but I love it just the same.
Today I found a pair of these cool lamps. They are $59 each. We need new living room lamps but I was sensible and took a picture to mull them over.

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