Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm dreaming of a white (sandy) Christmas

They're now calling for 15 inches of snow. It is cold. It is snowing. We live in a rental house. So, at this point I am forced to do what any normal girl would do to keep her sanity: I will decorate my (pretend) beach house.

First, I will decorate the front door of my beach cottage. After all, it is Christmas time.
(photo from Coastal Living)

Next, I will continue with the Christmas theme by adorning my mantel with beachy Christmas garland. (This garland is from one of my new favorite sites, The Mermaid Hut.)

I will mix the shell garland with this gold moss garland and top the mantel off with a zillion beautifully lit candles (above my roaring fire in the fireplace). It will be stunning.

I adore this barnacle vase (although it is VERY out of my price range). But then again, since this is my pretend beach house, who cares.
Finally, I'll dot the surfaces of lots of tables with these lovely silver seashells. Sure, I can beachcomb and get shells for free but nothing says sophistication like silver. These are gorgeous and I love how the natural bits of the shell still shine through.

Who wants to come visit me at my beach house?

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