Monday, December 21, 2009

For the Birds

I am vehemently opposed to birds. They petrify me. (I especially hate a pigeon.) We have two birds who have decided to reside on our front porch and are constantly flapping their wings over my head when I try to unlock the front door. I just know they are going to try to fly into the house next. Nightmare.

Despite my profound feeling combo of hatred and fear for these winged animals, I can't seem to get enough of them when it comes to decorative objects.

Last spring we were down in New Bern, NC for our dear friend's, Betsy and Rob, wedding. Before the numptuals we had time to tour around downtown New Bern (so quaint and great shopping!). I picked up four vintage bird prints from an antique shop (I think I got them for a buck each) and recently had them framed. I anticipate that one day they'll belong in a dining room but they're currently residing in my living room.

Some more bird inspired objects I've got my eyes on...

Bird Topped Glass Cloche from Wisteria

Radiant Forest print from Maine Cottage

Chickadee Vase from Arhaus

Sarah Lamp in buttercream from Maine Cottage

1 comment:

  1. Hey Cameron it's funny that you would talk about the birds residing on your front porch and you being scared that they would fly into your house. The day before father's day two birds flew into my parents house and mom and dad were in there with brooms and paddles trying to get them back out I think dad hit them like three times before getting them to go back out. haha


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