Thursday, September 13, 2012

Up-cycled Ottoman

Ya'll remember my friend Lauren who I helped when she first moved to DC?  I helped her decorate her place one weekend for $0.  Yep, we just rearranged her current furniture and it looked like a whole new apartment.  It has continued to evolve and looks even better every time I go visit her!  We went fabric shopping a few months ago and purchased some great graphic, colorful fabrics to recover two of her chairs and an ottoman.  I took her ottoman to my upholsterer a week or so ago to go ahead and get started.  She'll do the chairs soon.

I don't have a very good before picture of the ottoman but you can get an idea of it below down in the bottom right corner:

It was green plaid with fabric wrapped around all four legs.

I thought it would modernize it if we skirted it instead of wrapping the fabric.  They just finished it and I am IN LOVE with it and so happy for her.  I can't wait to see it in her place!

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